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We deliver evaluation and research for a range of different clients across and beyond STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). We offer a flexible and personable approach to our evaluation. For each project we develop a bespoke evaluation plan which is agreed with the client in the initial stages.

We also build in a degree of flexibility into our plans and review things with our clients as the evaluation progresses to ensure we can respond to and fully investigate information
as it is presented to us.

In order to gain a full understanding of the reach, impacts and outcomes of projects, we will gather views and opinions from a wide range of stakeholders. We bring these voices together into a structured report that captures learning and provides practical recommendations that can be taken forward to develop projects further.

We use mixed methodology to ensure our research is robust and always aim to find the most appropriate ways of obtaining information from project stakeholders. In the past we have used combinations of post-box comments, chalk boards, postcards, observations, interviews, surveys… even paper planes!

We often work in partnership with Jenesys Associates to deliver evaluation and find the combination of our skills and reach across the UK strengthens what we offer.

Find out about our current and previous evaluations: RAS200: Earth & SkyLatitude FestivalBreathing TogetherOpening Doors.