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The projects we run are varied – they may be working
with a community group, bringing artists and scientists together, training for researchers, or developing a schools resource – but they are always informed by the needs of our audience.

We consider what’s needed and who is going to interact with it, and then present things in a playful, hands-on and lively way whilst ensuring that the main aims and messages are never lost.

We strive for quality in our projects. We never miss an opportunity for learning and will listen to our audience and stakeholders and review activities as we develop them.

We enjoy delivering projects that not only educate, but increase engagement and confidence in science and engineering which, in turn, opens up conversations and opportunities to find out more about the world in which we live.

Find out about some of our current and previous projects: Evidencing Impact Workshop, Domestic Science, Burgess Hill Young Carers, Strawberry Bees.