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My work can be varied and use different mediums; hands-on, online and film. For each project I work closely with the client ensuring that the project outcomes and aims are met, whilst never losing sight of the impact on the audiences involved. I work on a number of different projects a year – delivering training, undertaking evaluation and developing activities – below is a selection of some of the projects I’ve been involved in recently.

Evidencing Impact Workshopimg_5301
Canterbury Christ Church University

Working with Jenesys Associates we’ve developed a workshop for researchers to help them capture evidence of impact in their work in the run-up to REF 20/21. We work closely with researchers to help them identify stakeholders, the impact of their work on different audiences, and how to capture evidence of this impact. The aim of the workshop is to help equip researchers with the information they need to submit into the REF process.


Latitude Festival

img_4916Working for Jenesys Associates we undertook an evaluation of the Wellcome Trust Hub at Latitude Festival this summer. Information from chalk boards, interviews and post-festival surveys came together to inform the final report that explored the audience’s reactions to, and interactions with, the science offering at the event. Through this work we developed a series of practical recommendations that can be applied in the future, and added to the wider conversation around the value of science at cultural venues. The pink sheep declined to be interviewed!


Activity development
Domestic Science
Mass Observation Archive

Mass Observation has been capturing the experiences, thoughts and opinions of British people since 1937, giving a rich and detailed archive of everyday life. Using this archive material, and with funding from the Institute of Physics, we put together a hands-on family event to explore how the changes in technology within the home have influenced how we live. The archive material revealed how much washing machines are appreciated – doing away with the drudgery of wash day, the fridge freed us up from needing to shop for fresh food everyday, and individual record players and cassette decks enabled young people to listen to their own music.


Activity development
Community Projects

img_4535Hassocks is a village outside of Brighton in the South Downs. Every year the community hold a May Day event and this year I provided activities for the families to get involved in. There were hovercrafts, helicopters, a fragile gazebo and the occasional rain shower! From this event I’m developing a series of hands-on activities that can be mailed out to families through the post. The idea is based on having something accessible – direct to your door – but unlike many science kits on the market, these boxes will be more open-ended, giving you a little time to tinker and test things out by yourself.







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