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Breathing Together

Breathing Together is a five year research and engagement project looking at the causes of asthma and wheeze in children supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Babies are recruited at birth to take part in the scientific study over the course of five years. Research nurses visit the babies and children at home and take a small number of samples. The parent also answers a few monthly questions about their baby or child’s health. The research covers five NHS Trusts across England and Scotland.

Alongside this research there is a programme of activities to engage children under five and their families with breathing and lung health. This programme is being delivered by Okido who produce magazines, toys, games and a CBeebies programme for younger children.

Working with Jenesys Associates we are evaluating the engagement programme. We are working with early years professionals and parents to develop our methodology, thinking about how to best get feedback from pre-school children and their families.